2 on 1!

Ean (Lvl 60 Priest) vs. Lvl 60 Mage AND Lvl 60 Paladin


It started out in Hinterland. I was riding around searching for rare herbs as I always do. This kind of peaceful lifestyle has already proved to my liking…. Suddenly, in the distance came 2 shadowy figures both on mounts. As I rode towards them, I realized it was a Gnome Mage riding his mech-strider and a Human Paladin on her warhorse. I rode pass them and have seemingly caught their attention. They immediately changed their course and headed straight towards me. It was without a doubt, they wanted trouble. Most of these Alliances do…they see that you’re an Undead and automatically associate you with the mindless zombies, a.k.a. The Scourge. We Forsakens have long been mistakenly attacked by Alliance thinking we are The Scourge and today is no different.


I rode as fast as I could in order to avoid the conflict, but I knew if it came down to a brawl, they will fall before I do. Despite their slow mount speeds, they did not give up their pursue. Finally, near a road, I stopped to insight on my current situation. The Mage was blood thirsty. He dismounted before he was close enough and tried to attack me, but I rode away from his targeting range. While he was running after me, the Paladin continued her pursuit towards me. I continued to evaluate my situation and rode to a lake, which blocked my escape route. I knew this was the end. A show-down must occur.


The Paladin came first because the Mage got off his mount too early at the road. I knew I had to take advantage of this situation. I knew the Mage was too dangerous to be left alive, and now was the perfect time to immobilize the Paladin. Quickly, I used my Rocket-Helmet on the Paladin and knocked her unconscious. I of course fell down after I rammed into her, and recovered fast enough to prepare for the Mage. The Gnomish Mage rode his mech-strider all the way up to my face and slammed to a halt. I wasted no time and casted Shadow Word:Pain, Devouring Plague on him before he could dismount. I then casted Mind Blast on him while he was dismounting. In mid-Mind Blast, he got off his mount and casted Polymorph, but that was too late. My Mind Blast hit him and I then followed up with an instant Silence. His Polymorph spell went back down his throat and into his lungs. He could not speak another word. I then casted Mind Flay and watched his soul drain away. When my Mind Flay was finished, he decided to instantly Fire Blast, even though he was half dead. I took the hit, but it didn’t phase me. He looked at the Paladin and realized she was immobilized. When he turned to look at me again, I only saw Fear in his eyes. Of course, that’s because I casted AE Fear. Immediately, he ran the other direction away from the show-down at the lake. I wasted no time and Mind Blasted him again putting him close to death. He shook his head and awoke from his terrified state, and then realized he was near death. He turned to look at me and only saw the dark powers of my Mind Flay coming his way. That would be the last thing he saw.




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